Government of the new Bolivia-Perú Province

Jun 26, 2010 | Perú - Bolivia

Cochabamba. The General Government has appointed a provisional Government team for the new Province of Bolivia-Perú.
It will begin to function as such starting July 16, which is the date on which this new Major Organism will be inaugurated. Its main task will be to animate the unification process of the

till now two Delegations and to prepare its first Provincial Chapter in six months’ time. The newly appointed Government is composed of Fr. Juan Carlos Martos Bartra, presently Major Superior of the Perú Delegation, as Major Superior. The Consultors are: Fr. José San Román Calvo, of the Bolivia Delegation and presently Novice Master; Fr. Victorino Altamirano Maraz, of Bolivia; Fr. Ronel Chipana, present econome of the Perú Delegation and Fr. Benito García Ramos, presently Consultor of the Government of the Perú Delegation.

On its part, the Assembly of the Delegation of Bolivia, gathered between June 22 and 24 in Cochabamba, continued with its work, enriching the “draft” of the Missionary Project of the new Province. The forthcoming Assembly of the Delegation of Perú will also contribute to the same Project. Both contributions will be gathered by the new Provincial Government which, in a period of six months, will articulate it until it becomes the “Working Paper” of the first Chapter of the new “reunified” Province of Perú-Bolivia. Now we speak of “reunification” because in some period of the Claretian history in Latin America, Perú and Bolivia were unified as one Organism.

Catching a glimpse of the future, the Assembly of Bolivia has dealt with themes like economy, the vocational ministry, the location of the formation houses and the mission of Northern Potosí with which, though not included in this process of reunification of Perú-Bolivia, we maintain very fraternal relationships of pastoral support.

The Assembly concluded with the finishing touch of the Ordination as Deacon of the student Francisco Vicente Castedo Salazar, by Mons. Luis Sainz Hinojosa, auxiliary Bishop of Cochabamba. It is a good sign to be on the threshold of a new Province with such an important vocational fruit. We could say that this ordination is one of the first firm rocks on which the building of this new Province is being built.

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