“It’s great to see that our contribution, symbolic as it may be, yet fundamental, gave hope, brought joy and comfort to those who lived the terror of those days.”

In 2017, Portugal affected by forest fires throughout the country. Though this situation happens in many summers, but that of 2017 was different. In addition to the forest, destroyed too are many houses and agricultural lands, and more than a hundred people died!

As Procure Volunteers, we left our homes and decided to collaborate in the reconstruction of some places: Pedrogão Grande (June 2017 Forest Fire) and Tondela (October 2017 Forest Fire).

We collected donations and materials: food, water, hygiene material, clothing, agricultural products, and trees) from Parishes, communities, families, friends, and acquaintances. We distributed the materials to the most affected people. We planted fruit trees as a symbol of our commitment “to be reborn from the ashes.”

Procure Volunteers (Portugal)

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