Interculturality Course Empowers Claretian Missionaries in Equatorial Guinea

Apr 29, 2024 | Padre Xifre

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Claretian missionaries in Equatorial Guinea recently participated in an enriching interculturality course led by Fr. Antonio Llamas Fortes, CMF, representing the General Government and assingend by the General Prefecture of Spirituality, led an insightful interculturality course for Claretian missionaries in Equatorial Guinea. Assisted by Fr. Pablo Antonio Oko, CMF, and Fr. Pergentino Edjang Motu Nchama, CMF, the course aimed to enhance understanding and collaboration among missionaries from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The course, conducted in three phases from April 17th to April 25th, 2024, catered to various groups within the Claretian family. It commenced with sessions for missionaries in the Archdiocese of Malabo, followed by engagement with novices in Bata, and concluded with missionaries from the continental part of Equatorial Guinea.

Facilitators underlined the evolving ecclesial and congregational context, emphasizing the transformative journey of the Congregation of the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Originating in Spain, the congregation now spans the globe, comprising members of diverse races, languages, and cultures. The imperative to embrace interculturality arises from this newfound diversity, enabling missionaries to effectively coexist and collaborate across cultural boundaries.

Participants, including priests, students, novices, and nuns, acknowledged the richness inherent in cultural diversity and the need to transcend biases and prejudices. They recognized cultural diversity as a manifestation of God’s creativity and committed themselves to fostering mutual respect and appreciation within the Claretian community.

Expressing gratitude for the facilitators’ guidance and the participants’ engagement, the course concluded with a prayerful hope that the newfound insights would enrich missionary endeavors in an intercultural context.

Source: Fr. Axel Yolanda, CMF, Secretary,  Padre Xifré Delegation

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