Interprovincial Quinquennium 2019

Sep 20, 2019 | Colombia - Venezuela, Colombia Oriental - Ecuador, Formation, Ongoing Formation

Sasaima-Cundinamarca, Columbia. Convened by the respective Prefecture of Formation of Colombia Oriental – Ecuador and Colombia – Venezuela Provinces, fourteen missionaries in their quinquennial stage gathered together at the Casa Convivencias de las Mercedes in Sasaima-Cundinamarca from September 16 to 20, 2019 for their yearly Interprovincial Quinquennium gathering. Ten of the participants are from Colombia – Venezuela Province and four from Colombia Oriental – Ecuador Province. Also present are their respective Provincial Superiors and Prefects of Formation: Frs. Armando Valencia and Alvaro Arias, CMFF (Colombia-Venezuela) and Josué González and Darío Carvajal, CMFF (Colombia Oriental Ecuador). The objectives of this year’s meeting are to strengthen their family ties as Claretian Missionaries, to thank God for the gift of vocation, and to provide an avenue to share their community and pastoral experiences after their initial formation.

During these days, the participants reflected on the new mission peripheries of both Organisms looking at it in the light of MS 67 and in the missionary projects of each Organism. They also had an in-depth discussion on the theme of interculturality with reference to the universal mission and the mission of the two Provinces. Likewise, they had a concise sharing of firsthand experiences of shared mission. Lastly, and not to forget, they have had prayer and other communal moments which for sure affirmed, reaffirmed, revitalized, and reinforced their dedication and perseverance in one’s Claretian missionary vocation.

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