IX Claretian Encounter on the Ministry of Emigrants II

May 3, 2008 | JPIC, Solidarity & Mission

Switzerland. We start the day with the Eucharist, animated by the Province of Betica.
Pilar Samanes, Sister of Charity of St. Ann and directress of the Bishops’ commission of migrations of Spain will be today’s speaker with the theme: “transformation of the orientation of the work with emigrants in Europe: legal, pastoral and family perspectives.”.
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Her report starts with the conclusions of the encounter of Fátima in 2003, bringing to mind the persons whom we are serving and inviting us to give concrete names. We work in groups about the reality of the emigrants in our parishes and places, the difficulties and the challenges.

After the idea-sharing session and some time for rest, Pilar presents the different realities of the Spanish Catholic missions, starting from their history till today, the differences among the groups, local and religious characteristics, common challenges, etc. We reflect on the temptations and pastoral orientations of our parishes: Is it a true integration or an assimilation? To what extent are we ready to relocate ourselves? After the dialogue we ask ourselves: What does the Word of God say about this? We end the work of the morning with a look to the social teaching of the Church and the document prepared by the Bishops’ commission on migrations in 2007, which strives to update the migratory pastoral.

We start the afternoon session going deeper into the document with new questions: A specific or overall pastoral? Which are the characteristic notes of the Ministry of Migrations and its practical consequences? What responses are we giving and which ones should be given?
We try to concretize.
She invites us not to remain in good intentions (they could be “dangerous”) through an analysis of the context and dividing the ministry of migrations in “branches, trunk and fruits” as though we were dealing with a vine. After the time of rest, she proposes ten programs of action and we comment on the “pathologies of the vine”: inefficacy, unbalance, lack of coordination and lack of resources. Pilar ends her paper inviting us to look for the charismatic lines that push us to this task as Claretians.

After supper we continue the presentation of our works in the different provinces. This time, Angelo Cupini and Gustavo Pez, of the Delegation of Italy, tell us of their experience and Lecco’s “Crossing” project..
We end the day together by sharing typical products of each place… More, tomorrow.

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