IX Claretian Encounter on the Ministry of Emigrants IV

May 4, 2008 | JPIC, Solidarity & Mission

Switzerland. We start the day praying the Morning Praise together, led by the Italian Delegation.
Throughout the whole morning we work by groups and jointly we share the orientations for the future and the transversal lines of Claretian European migrations for the next six-year period.

For the work by groups, a commission formed by Miguel Tombilla (Foto ), Pilar Maroto and Javier Ojeda, prepares a document-guide, sufficiently developed and concrete. With the document of the challenges and conclusions of the encounter of Fatima and the action lines indicated by Pilar Samanes, we contribute and correct (several times) this document-guide, advancing towards an agreed final document.

In mid afternoon, Franz Stampfli (3 Foto ), Episcopal delegate for migrations of the Canton of Zürich since 1973, (predecessor of Luis Capilla) joins the group. We leave the final approval for a later occasion. We celebrate the Eucharist, presided over by Franz Stampfli and animated by the Province of Catalonia.

After our last supper in “Swiss style” (cucumber, fish with sauces and ice cream with three flavours, one of them still undefined) and a 20-minute rest for some or a brief meeting for others, we return to the document re-edited by the commission. For a long time we discuss the necessity of creating a European forum of reflection where experiences, works, documents, difficulties could be interchanged, where it would be possible to advance in some common themes so that all could be enriched. We do not know whether it would be viable or how we could make it viable. Angelo Cupini suggests the creation of a secretariat that would facilitate these interchanges and the reflection and animation of the works. We comment, evaluate some proposal, relocate and approve it and we leave the final writing to the commission. We are very thankful to them for their work and their patience.
Miguel Ángel shows us the materials presented by all the provinces and delegations, in addition to some photos, which each province will bring home in a DVD.

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