Kolkota Delegation Embarks on Spiritual Journey at Annual Superiors Meet-2023

Aug 28, 2023 | Kolkata

Padua, Kolkota. A landmark summit took place at the Holy Cross Retreat Centre, as the Claretian Missionaries’ Kolkota Delegation gathered for their annual Delegation Level Superiors Meet from August 22-23, 2023. A total of 14 superiors, alongside the major superior Rev. Fr. Antony Bhyju CMF and council members, partook in an event that echoes the Congregational Dream for a “pilgrim Congregation, rooted in faith in Jesus Christ.”

Unveiling Layers of Community Life

A pivotal moment of the event was an orientation session led by Rev. Fr. Antony Bhyju CMF. The focus of the session on community life embodies the Congregation’s vision of sharing lives, diversity, and resources in communities shaped by the mission and ministries God has entrusted. Each superior had the opportunity to present their “Role of Animation” as leaders, discussing both the blessings and challenges they encounter, as well as the best practices that have enriched their communities.

Financial Transparency and Shared Concerns

Fr. Jini CMF, the delegation econome, shed light on the overall economic status of the delegation. The financial briefing stood in line with the Congregation’s commitment to justice and care of the common home. Time was also set aside for open discourse on common concerns and issues, fostering a spirit of “synodality” and communal support among the attendees.

A Fruitful Exchange

The meeting served as more than just an exchange of information; it was a spiritual refreshment that aligns with the dream of “a Congregation prepared to respond to new challenges through an integral and continuing process of formation, open to universal mission.” Participants left the meeting further equipped to enact the Word of God, as cherished in the heart of the Congregation, in their communities.

Aligning with the Biblical Foundation

In resonance with the Congregational Dream, this meeting underlined the importance of having the “biblical animation of all pastoral ministry” as its starting point. The use of intelligent communication throughout the conference was an actualized commitment to evangelize using all possible means, fulfilling the Congregation’s aspiration to effectively communicate the Word of God.

Looking Forward

As the Kolkota Delegation parted ways, they did so with renewed zeal and inspiration, each contributing to the Congregation’s universal dream. It was a step forward in the journey towards a Congregation that proclaims the Word, fosters brotherhood, and stands ready to meet the ever-evolving challenges of the world today.

Source | Fr. Ponson Toppo, CMF, Delegation Secretary

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