Luis Alberto Gonzalo Díez, CMF: “The Chapters of the Consecrated Life must initiate new processes”

Mar 3, 2021 | Apostolate, Bible Ministry, Institutes of Consecrated Life, Santiago

Luis G. DiezIt would be very difficult to write the history of consecrated life without speaking of our magazine Revista Vida Religiosa. The more than one thousand written pages that it leaves each year, always at the height of each ecclesial and social moment, have not ceased to invite us to frequent the future of the consecrated vocation from very diverse points of view, calling it to generate new spaces of life and offering itself as a springboard to give an energetic impulse in the passion for God.

To speak of Revista Vida Religiosa is also to speak of its history, of the Claretian Congregation where it was born more than seventy-five years ago, of the academic solvency demonstrated month after month by the team of missionaries who have directed it all these years, and of the vocation of the Church that it expresses and reaffirms also in its service through encounters, talks and seminars that seek to recreate the Consecrated Life from the challenges of today. And in this context is framed the presentation of the last monograph published, ‘Chapters for life and not for projects’, which will take place tomorrow, March 4 at 17.00 hours online. In it, the Claretians José Cristo Rey García Paredes and Luis Alberto Gonzalo Díez, authors of the booklet, will expose the reasons why new itineraries for the general, provincial and local chapters need to be opened and traveled. There is an urgent need to propose a new phase for the chapters of Congregations and Religious Orders, a new stage that will finally lead us to understand that it is not the institutions for the chapters, but the chapters for the institutions.

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