MINO: A Guide to the artwork of the Claretian painter Mino Cerezo Barredo

Mar 2, 2022 | Sanctus Paulus

Lecco, Italy. The association community of Via Gaggio in Lecco has created and published with Teka Publishing a guide to the artwork and life of Fr. Mino Cerezo Barredo, CMF. Mino was born in 1932 in Spain and lived until 2005 in Latin America.

The 368-page book, rich in numerous illustrations, follows the itinerary of the intense artistic production in the service of the Word translated into art to communicate to the poor the joy of the Kingdom.

Accompanying the images are texts written by Mino and comments that provide a framework for understanding his intense artistic legacy.

Known as the “painter of liberation”, Mino continues his work in a constant search: from figurative art to communicate with the people through large murals, to drawings that summarize the biblical books of the people, to illustrations for flyers that can be easily reproduced by the people, up to today’s abstract full of emotions, with strong and swirling colors, tender and intense.

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The Community of Via Gaggio lives an intimate friendship with Mino and proposes this book to help understand his missionary action through painting.

The book is a grateful tribute to Mino’s 90th birthday, which he will celebrate in August 2022. It was produced by Angelo Cupini and Emanuela Pizzardi.

Anyone who would like the book can request it from: info@comunitagaggio.it.

The book was presented in the Casa sul Pozzo with an online presentation by Mino and Fran Ros, the curator of the archive of images of Mino’s works; the event was attended by a very interested audience.


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