Month of the Universal Claretian Mission in Argentina and Uruguay

Nov 28, 2011 | Mission Alive, San José del Sur

Buenos Aires, Argentina. During this past October the communities of Argentina and Uruguay organized various activities around the Month of the Universal Claretian Mission, under the theme “Africa shouts and expects an answer”.

As the motto was prayed, advocacy efforts and a collection were directed, as a sign of solidarity, to the Claretian communities present on the African continent.

By means of this proposal from the Mission Procure, the communities took advantage of various training materials sent to each place and organized campaigns. In some places we worked with the catechesis groups, in others related activities were conducted. Information was distributed at the masses, leaflets were delivered to students in schools, homes and businesses in the neighborhoods were surveyed, we implemented the campaign “donate your back “(in the Editorial Claretiana, etc.).

The Province of San Jose del Sur, which finds itself on a path of consolidation, has been taking advantage of this annual space for solidarity with the universal Claretian mission.

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