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Jan 14, 2008 | JPIC, Solidarity & Mission

We are ok father. The situation has calmed down today being Saturday. In Shanzu itself there have not been much incidence but for the surrounding neighbourhood, Kiembeni included, there have been skirmishes. We are ok and praying seriously to have this problem resolved as soon as possible.
There is some kind of media editing but am afraid with the presence of the foreign media here – who are reporting/showing what appears to be ethnic cleansing of the Kikuyu tribe in Luo-dominated areas – this may precipitate a reprisal that may tip the avalanche. The mere thought of that sends shivers to any right-thinking person. The Luos are smarting like the Igbos of Nigeria who see themselves as having been historically marginalized by the Kikuyus in the power scheme; and most probably feel this is the closest they could ever get to power and yet they have been robbed again.
The uncertainty surrounding the presidential poll results announced is for them a sure proof of the same historical injustice they have been receiving since independence. Apart from the tribal card, Kibaki is very much liked by the populace and enjoys a good followership, but the same may not be said of the members of his cabinet.

We are continuing with our normal church program and appealing to the conscience of our Christians, trusting they can make a difference.
The New Year midnight mass was not so well attended as it previously used to be. We felt like cancelling it but apprehensive of the fact that people will still gather for it we advised those living far to pray at home and went ahead with the celebration without any incidence.
Apart from that all other plans requiring contact with offices and shops are paralyzed for now.
Kindly keep us and this great nation in your fervent prayers.

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