New Corporate Logo of the General Government, General Offices, General Secretariats of the Claretian Missionaries

Jun 17, 2020 | General Government

Rome, Italy. The General Government released on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, its corporate logo for all its official communications. It is available in both official congregational languages (English and Spanish) and in Latin for prints that include both or various languages.

From now on, all communications from the General Superior, members of the General Council, General Prefectures, General Administration, General Archives, Mass Collector, General Postulation, General Procure, General Mission Procure, General Secretariat and Communications, JPIC General Secretariat, and all other offices at the service of the General Government will bear this logo. It will also be the identification mark for all its websites and all its social media accounts.

The Superior General and his Council entrusted to Monzon 8 Designing and Printing S.L. in Sevilla, Spain its design.

A REMINDER to all the members of the Congregation, the logo below is for the exclusive use of the General Government, the abovementioned branches, and departments:

Other forms:

The official logo of the Congregation remains as it is:


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