Padre Xifré Delegation Assembly Strengthens Missionary Commitments and Synodality

Jul 13, 2023 | Padre Xifre

Equatorial Guinea. The Assembly of Padre Xifré Independent Delegation took place from July 6th to July 8th, 2023, in two locations: Essassa, Gabon, and Bata, Equatorial Guinea. The Assembly brought together Claretians working in both regions, with Father Félix Obaga Bilogo, CMF, Major Superior of the Delegation, presiding over the gathering in Essassa, and Fr. Salustiano Oyono, CMF, Vicar of the Delegation, leading the meeting in Bata.

During the Assembly, Father Felix addressed the participants, emphasizing the importance of unity, love, and a strong sense of belonging to the Church, the Congregation, and the Delegation. He described the collective journey as a synodal march, urging everyone to listen attentively, foster silence for introspection, and express gratitude to God the Father.

Several topics were discussed during, including the mentality and lifestyle of the participants, the heritage of the Delegation, personal contributions to fraternal life, the implementation of synodality, and the commitment to Solidarity and Mission (SOMI) for social justice, brotherhood, and unity.

The Major Superior also presented a comprehensive report on the activities of the Delegation halfway through the Triennium 2022-2025, focusing on three transformation processes. These processes encompassed various aspects such as outreach efforts, youth-vocation ministry, communication, missionary life, finance and administration, spirituality, community life, formation, and vocation promotion.

Following the report, each community shared the outcomes of their work on the circular titled “OUR MISSIONARY WAY IN THE PATH OF SYNODALITY” by Superior General Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, CMF. The communities had organized and distributed the sections of the circular among themselves, providing insights and reflections on their respective areas of focus.

An interactive session ensued, facilitating an exchange between community members and the Council of the Delegation. This exchange aimed to shed light on specific projects, upcoming events, the well-being of organization members, and other relevant matters.

In both locations a Mass concluded the Assembly. Msgr. Juan Domingo Matogo, CMF, Bishop of the Diocese of Bata, presided over that of Equatorial Guinea, and Fr. Felix, in Gabon.

Source: Fr. Axel Yolanda, CMF, Secretary, Padre Xifré Delegation

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