Pictorial Works of “Mino” Cerezo Shown in Italy

Oct 19, 2012 | Italia, Santiago

Lecco, Italy. Maximino Cerezo Barredo, CMF, Spanish Claretian (from the Province of Santiago), for more than thirty years resident in Latin America and one of the greatest interpreters of religious painting Latin American of our time, was the guest of honor at an event organized by the Casa sul Pozzo, of the Via Gaggio Community on Thursday evening, October 4th.

The painting and works of Mino were in the middle of the presentation of the book “Un viaggio latinoamericano, Maximino Cerezo Barredo: uomo, artista, missionario” [A Latin American Journey, Maximino Cerezo Barredo: Man, Artist, Missionary], by Sara Fabre, Doctor of Art and Conservation of the Artistic Patrimony of the University of Indine, Italy under the guidance of the studious professor of Latin American art, Mario Sartor.

Sara Fabre has carried out extensive research on the relationship between art, religion, and culture in the murals of the Spanish artist.

“In the painting of Mino – writes the author – we find the Latin American people in all of its reality. Through a clear and direct artistic language, without rhetorical devices, he creates a wonderful description of the specific situation of these communities”.

The visit of “Mino” also offered an opportunity to admire the numerous works of the artist that the Casa sul Pozzo community of Via Gaggio preserves under the direction of Claretian Father Angelo Cupini.

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