Preparing the “Charitas Christi” Cycle for The Forge

Mar 8, 2012 | General Government, Mathew Vattamattam, The Forge

Rome. From the 3 – 7th of March the commission on the “Forge in Our Daily Life” project met. The members are Fathers: Gonzalo Fernández, Paul Smyth, Mathew Vattamattan, Emmanuel Edeh, Juan Carlos Martos, Jesu Doss and Marcos Garnica. Also attending for a moment of encouragement was the Superior General, Fr. Josep M. Abella.

During these days there was an evaluation of the road traveled thus far. What they found were many positive things which are helping many Claretians and Congregational Organisms in this process of renewal which is based on our charismatic roots. Additionally, many suggestions gathered by the team and received from the Forge web page were taken into consideration.

The principal work is centered on the revision of the texts already written for the “Charitas Christi” stage (Advent 2012 to November 2013), as well as programming texts for the final cycle: “Spiritus Domini”.

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Reunited To Revise The Forge

Reunited To Revise The Forge

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