Quinquennium 2023: Kolkata Delegation Focuses on Ethical Pastoral Relationships

Mar 14, 2023 | Kolkata, Ongoing Formation

Ranchi, India. Kolkata Independent Delegation hosted it’s Quinquennium programme from March 7-9, 2023, at the Little Way Spirituality Centre in Ranchi.  The event was attended by 10 priests and moderated by Rev. Fr. Rudalf Maria Delfin, CMF. The theme of the event was centered around exploring the delicate balance between psychological and sexual integration and maintaining ethical boundaries in pastoral relationships.

The gathering provided an opportunity for the participating priests to share their experiences, exchange knowledge and ideas, and learn from one another. The event was a rejuvenating experience for all involved and a wonderful platform for building companionship and strengthening the bond between the priests.

The Quinquennium programme is an ongoing program for the Claretian Missionaries members in their first five years of perpetual profession or ordination. It serves as an opportunity for members of the organization to come together, share experiences, exchange knowledge and ideas, and strengthen their bond as a community.

Source: Fr. Ponson Toppo, Secretary, Kolkata Independent Delegation

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