Renovation of the museum of the Claretian Martyrs of Barbastro

Jun 3, 2023 | Martyrs of Barbastro, Santiago

Barbastro, Spain. The Museum of the Claretian Martyrs of Barbastro in Spain is nearing the completion of its extensive refurbishment, a project that began over seven months ago. As the summer draws to a close, the culmination of the intense and dedicated work will be unveiled to the public. This endeavor went beyond merely updating the objects on display; it aimed to embark on a more ambitious mission. The driving question behind the initiative was how to delve deeper into the song of forgiveness that resonated from the sacrifice of the 51 brothers who gave their lives for the cause of Jesus.

Miguel Angel Velasco, CMF, member of the commission entrusted by the provincial government of the Province of Santiago for this purpose, and which is in turn led by the prefecture of spirituality, headed by Fr. Anthony Igbokwe, CMF, reports that “it will definitely be in September when the work will be completed; and in October, the museum will be operational”.

Contracorriente Producciones, renowned for producing both the biographical films of Fr. Claret and ‘A Forbidden God’, is on the verge of delivering the videos and accompanying audio guides that will enhance the museum visits. These materials, narrated in the first person by missionary Faustino Pérez, provide crucial context to the tumultuous events of 1936 and, above all, illuminate the precious legacy of peace and reconciliation left behind by our Barbastrense seminary.

In addition, the museum assembly company, ’12caracteres,’ known for its expertise in creating museum displays, particularly in the provinces of Aragon and Catalonia, is currently finalizing the Spanish and English messages that will be featured on various panels throughout the exhibition itinerary. Fr. Velasco explains that they expect to receive these materials by mid-June. Furthermore, the comprehensive catalog of all the museum objects will arrive slightly earlier, possibly within the next week. The restoration of the parallelepiped and the small piano box will also be completed by the end of June, just in time for their presentation to visitors passing through Madrid en route to World Youth Day in Portugal.

Fr. Miguel Ángel highlights an upcoming trip of the Claretian community to Barbastro, scheduled for the following weekend. He expresses enthusiasm, as he will be accompanied by Fr. Anthony Igbokwe, and they plan to bring along the recently finished resurrection cross painted by our brother Cerezo Barredo.

Different Itineraries of the museum through the website.

To cater to the preferences of each visiting group, the museum will provide the option of choosing different types of routes through the exhibition using an accompanying mobile application (APP). Fr. Velasco emphasizes that the functionality of the APP will be closely integrated with the museum’s website, which is currently undergoing revision. The website redesign is being led by missionary Louie Guades III, who is based in Rome.

The new website, in addition to offering information about the various museum itineraries or “web-guides,” as Fr. Velasco refers to them, will serve a broader purpose. It will serve as a platform to disseminate detailed documentation about the martyrs, provide updates on related events, and offer a virtual visit experience. The intention is to create an informative and interactive online presence that extends beyond the physical museum itself.

Source: Ignacio Virgillito (Province of Santiago)

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