Reorganization of Organisms

Jun 24, 2009 | Colombia - Venezuela, Colombia Oriental - Ecuador

Colombia. An important encounter of provincial governments and local superiors of the three Major Organisms of Colombia Oriental-Ecuador, Colombia Occidental and Venezuela is taking place in the retreat house of the Picacho, in Medellín, from June 15 to 19. The main objective is to continue advancing in the process of reorganization started some years ago. 47 Claretians, of whom 7 are from Venezuela, 16 from Colombia Oriental-Ecuador, 23 from Colombia Occidental and Fr. Vicente Sanz from the General Government, are participating. The encounter consists of going deeper in the knowledge of the reality of the three Organisms, revising the process followed so far and planning the next steps to take. In a very fraternal atmosphere and an excellent welcoming offered by the host Province, the superiors of the three Organisms intend to be faithful to the challenges that society presents to the life and mission of the Congregation in this northern zone of South America.

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