SANYASA Continues to Develop

Jan 23, 2012 | Bangalore, Institutes of Consecrated Life

Bangalore, India. The Institute of Consecrated Life SANYASA (SICL) continues to make important steps in its development. The word SANYASA, as it is commonly identified, is the closest equivalent to “consecrated life” in the traditions of India..

In this context, the Institute has proposed to offer an academic program that will help to deepen and understand consecrated life in the light of post-conciliar ecclesial renewal.

SANYASA traces its origins to the summer courses it has offered since 1990 at “Claret Nivas” of Carmelaram (Bangalore). In 2002 the Institute started functioning with 54 students who were offered a diploma program. These courses, which continue to benefit many religious congregations in India.

The Positive acceptance of this proposal, as well as the need for a deeper study, prompted the establishment of a Masters course in the Theology of Consecrated Life in 2005, endorsed by the “Claretianum” of Rome.

In a recent letter to the current Director, Fr. Xavier Manavath, CMF, a new offering was announced: a theological degree (M.Th.), with emphasis on the theology of consecrated life. SANYASA will offer this degree beginning in 2012. At the same time, in association with the “Christ University” of Bangalore, one may obtain a Masters with civil recognition.

Thus, SANYASA continues to grow. Other factors that guarantee the quality of its offerings are the international character of its students, its updated library, and its proximity to the needs of the different religious communities who frequent it. PHOTOS

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