Stop the cholera Campaign

Jun 5, 2009 | Health Care, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe. Since nine months ago, more that 80 thousand persons have contracted the cholera virus in Zimbabwe, which has already claimed more than 4,000 lives. In a country where the conditions of health and hygiene are quite precarious and the water infrastructure is insufficient, the epidemic has been very speedily spreading. For this reason, the Zimbabweans, especially the poorest people of the rural areas, are presently finding themselves in a situation of great risk.

The Claretian Missionaries have already been working in the Diocese of Gokwe for several years and, as of now, they have centred their mission, besides the evangelization, in improving the life conditions of the population of that region. Through Proclade Betica, wells have been bored to facilitate the access to drinkable water, infrastructures have been improved and urgent actions have been carried out, like the “Seeds of hope” campaign to palliate the effects of the scarcity of rains that destroyed the country last year and put an end to the harvest of the region.

Now we start off the “Stop the cholera” campaign, in order to acquire medicines that will help alleviate the effects of the sickness in the neediest persons.

For this reason, once more we want to make a call to the solidarity of all of you (parishes, teams, communities, missionary groups, delegations of Proclade Betica and friends of the Claretian Family) to collaborate economically and to encourage your acquaintances to collaborate.

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