Summary of the 2nd Phase of the Meeting of Major Superiors and the General Government

Sep 15, 2022 | Nairobi 2022

Dear brothers and friends, greetings and blessings wherever you are.

In this second part of the meeting, the Major Superiors went on to study the Action Plan of the General Government.

The first thing to highlight is the appearance of a new worldview for congregational animation: the constellation model.

It is a way of understanding the leadership-government service in a more synodal and holistic way that better reflects the three principles of good government: subordination, subsidiarity and complementarity.

The second is an image: the tree that brings us back to the Chapter theme, rooted and audacious. This tree metaphor reflects the congregation’s new understanding of itself in three processes of transformation:

A congregation going forth ––> Top of the tree – Mission

A community of witnesses and messengers —> Trunk – Daily Life

Men who adore God in Spirit —> Root-nutrients + solidity

When venturing into the understanding of these three processes of our life and mission, the third process is the first, ontologically speaking: without roots and good nutrients, there is no tree, only dry sticks.

Of the third process, men who adore God in Spirit (Spirituality and Formation) I would highlight 6 keys, three for each prefecture.

As far as Spirituality is concerned:

  • Rooted in the Faith and Cordimarian spirituality (tenderness of God, men with a big heart, like Mary).
  • Teamwork
  • Cordimarian Identity

In Formation:

  • Updating of Formation Plans according to the new GPF.
  • Personal processes of transformation: Integral, personal, intercultural.
  • Formation for mission, which includes a culture of ongoing formation. The mission evolves, and we must grow with this evolution in order to continue responding to the challenges.

In the second process, the trunk, the community of witnesses and messengers, contains everything that refers to our daily life, it is the link between rootedness (nourishment-solidity) and boldness (cup-branches-fruits); it is responsible for pruning and distributing resources according to demand. We are 3000 missionaries in 521 communities in 31 Major Organisms in 70 countries. The community is a beehive with many tasks, all working for the common good. Again, 6 keys to keep in mind:


  • In communion and at the service of the universal church and in a shared mission.
  • From a linear understanding of animation to a systemic understanding.
  • From the image of the pyramid of power descending from the top to that of the People of God welcoming the Gospel.


  • At the service of the mission. If this is not clear… we will not understand any of the rest, and the religious economy loses meaning.
  • Solidary-Generosity: Communion of goods. In the Church, our communion of goods is outstanding and is connatural to us.
  • Adequate supervision and control to avoid chronic illnesses and to promote self-evaluation-revision against the temptation of complacency.

Finally, we come to the first process of transformation, a congregation going forth, which is the most visible, as is the case with the top of the tree. This third process reveals to us, in no uncertain terms, the health of the whole organism, for as Jesus says, there is no bad tree that bears good fruit; by their fruits, you will know them.

The new prefecture of Bible and Communication presented the vision for this sexennium for this nascent prefecture. Key highlights:

  • Coordination and interrelation among the various initiatives already in place; be effective.
  • Global team of cyber missionaries
  • The Bible is the soul of the mission, and the Word must be present in every dimension of the life and mission of the Congregation.

The Apostolate promised to be accessible and welcoming but not overwhelming. Its action keys:

  • In shared Mission, especially with the Claretian Family, but without neglecting all those who seek to transform the world according to God’s design.
  • To accompany while respecting the responsibility and autonomy of each dimension.
  • Promote coordination, collaboration, and integration among the various apostolic areas.

We conclude our sharing on a congregation going forth with the Youth and Vocation Ministry. This prefecture of animation was born in the 25th General Chapter and in this sexennium seeks to reinforce the path initiated:

  • The Claret Way proposal seeks to link-complement the already existing work.
  • The formation and accompaniment of youth and vocation ministry leaders.
  • Renew and update the Claretian Vocation Directory to shed light on vocation ministry.

Thank you all for your attention and for continuing to walk and work side by side with all our brothers and sisters in faith.

Narrator: Fr. Francisco Carin, CMF

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