“To Become Disciples for Christ”

Jun 21, 2011 | Congregation, Deutschland, The Forge

Weissenhorn, Germany.Following their tradition the Province of Germany got together during the week of Pentecost for their spiritual exercises and assembly.

From June 13-16 Fr. Antonio Bellella, CMF conducted the spiritual exercises. Working from “The Forge in Daily Life”, he developed the theme “To become disciples for Christ”. The exercises were imbued with a profound Claretian spirituality at a time in which a very real feeling breathes in the face of the Congregation’s situation in Europe. The talks will be published in a booklet so that those who couldn’t attend for various reasons will also be able to meditate on the theme.

The last day was dedicated to a short Provincial Assembly. The Major Superior, Fr. Stefan Wolf, CMF, reflect don his first year in office. The presentation of a “pyramid of ages” in the European part of the Province proved to be a drastic experience. This pyramid seems to be placed over a point with only two Claretians under the age of forty years of age while half are over the age of seventy. In spite of this very negative base there were many positive discussions on the future of the Province which will have to adapt their apostolate to the realities of its members.

The previous Provincial Superior, Fr. Armin Sixt, CMF, who continues to suffer from the consequences of an accident last year in Sri Lanka, was able to attend at various times in his wheelchair. He shared at breaks and one hour of the Assembly. (Photo)

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