To Feel as Our Own the Needs of the Whole Congregation

Oct 7, 2011 | Bangalore, Congregation

Bangalore, India. The Meeting of the Economes of the Major Provinces of the Congregation, convoked by Fr. Domingo Grillia, concluded on September 30th in an ambience of fraternity and coresponsibility from the distinct perspectives and sensibilities which were represented by each one present.

Highlighted were the proper functioning of the sharing of goods in all aspects of our life (personal, communal, and congregational), the proper management of our patrimony, as well as an understanding “to feel as our own the needs of the whole Congregation” (PTV 76).

Seen as necessary was the continuation of consolidating the Assistance Fund for the self-financing of new entities with the commitment of all. By means of reporst from the economes and the visits that some were able to make in the Provinces of India, we have been able to assure the efficiency of this Fund.

The meeting concluded with the conviction of responsibility which implies service to the economy of the Congregation and the importance of the sharing of our goods to adequately deal with the development of our life and mission and sharing more with the poor.

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