Towards the Future Independent Delegation of Cameroon

Feb 17, 2012 | Cameroun

Yaoundé, Camerún. On February 14, 2012, at the Claretian Theologate of Yaoundé, the meeting was held of the Coordination Commission of the future Independent Delegation of Cameroon, along with the subcommittees on formation, ministry, community life, spirituality, economy and mission procure.

The purpose of this assembly was, first, to analyze and modify the synthesis of the responses of the questionnaire sent to various Claretian communities of Cameroon for the development of the Plan of Life and Mission (PLM) and, secondly, to review calendar of events that will lead to the establishment of the future delegation.

The Plan of Life and Mission, the principal objective of the meeting, will serves as a “Guideline” for the great Assembly planned for July 2012, and to prepare the “roadmap” for the future Government of the Delegation.

The meeting was also a great opportunity for the fraternity among the brothers from both the French and English-speaking zones, who thus far have shared together their vision on the life and Claretian mission in Cameroon.

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