Tribute to Fr. Severino Ma. Alonso, CMF

Nov 10, 2012 | Santiago

Madrid, Spain. Fr. Severino María Alonso, CMF, who passed away three years ago, received an emotional tribute of the Consecrated Life in the assembly room of the Institue of Religious Life in Madrid.

Organized by the Claretian Missionaries, ITVR-ERA, the magazine Vida Religiosa, and the Publicaciones Claretianas Press. The act took place at 7pm. The Hall was replete with brother and sister religious who wished to be together in offering homage to this great man of the Church, priest, religious, and Professor of Religious Life who had greatly influenced the postconciliar renovation of the Religious Life, especially in Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.

Present at this Act were numerous members of general governments from various institutes, the President and Secretary General of CONFER as well as various Claretians.

In the wake of the recently published book “Severino Maria Alonso. Passionate for the Consecrated Life” written by Father Aquilino Bocos, CMF, several took the floor to express their appreciation for the life and work of Fr. Severino.

The Act was moderated by the editor of the magazine Vida Religiosa (P. L. A. Gonzalo Díez) with the involvement of Fr, Manuel Tamargo (Provincial Sup. of the Claretians of Santiago), Sr. Cecilia Barreda (Sup. General of the Carmelites of St. Teresa), Fr. Bonifacio Fernandez (Director of the ITVR), Fr. Fernando Prado (Director of Claretian Publications) and the author of the book, Fr. Aquilino Bocos.

In addition, several testimonies and expressions of tribute were read during the Act coming from different places in the world. Among these the Bishop Vicente Jimenez (Chairman of the Commission for the VC of the EEC), who sent a cordial greeting and a few lines of closeness to the organization and to the present.

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