Two Important Events Hosted at the Juridicum

Nov 13, 2018 | Juridicum

Rome, Italy. The Claretian Juridical Institute in Rome hosted two important events on the second week of November 2018. The first one is the presentation of the book “Formularium Ecclesiae Strigoniensis” written by Peter Cardinal Erdö, Archbishop of Budapest and Primate of Hungary, together with Professors Cornelius Szovák and Peter Tusor, on the 7th of November.

Fr. Manuel Arroba, CMF stunningly presented the event and the speakers. Professor Javier Belda from the University of Murcia commented and gave his assessment of the book and highlighted the importance of the forms in the Law. Finally, Cardinal Erdö and Professor Tusor explained the origin and contents of this monumental work.

This book gathers the contents of the Nyási and Beneéthy Codices, which are kept in the library of the Cathedral of Esztergom, and through it you can know the daily work of the ecclesiastical government of the late fourteenth century, the praxis of the ecclesiastical tribunal, the causes that the faithful can present to the court (testaments, credits, donations, excommunications and acquittals, permission to beg, etc.).

The second was a session on the Economic Module of the “Scuola di Governo” with the theme “The contractual relationship with banks and the right of consumers” presented by Fr. Aitor Jiménez, founder and organizer of this School. Forty sisters participated on this event that took place on November 9 and 10.

Photos of the first event:


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Photo of the second event:

Module Session Held At The Juridicum


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