Visit to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Theologate of Ngoya-Cameroun

May 31, 2019 | ACLA, Cameroun, Scholasticate

Yaoundé, Cameroun. In the date of May 30, 2019, ASCENSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, in the company of the Very Rev. Father Henry OMONISAYE, CMF and other confreres the new Major Superior of Cameroun presided a Mass of thanksgiving to Theologate Immaculate Heart of Ngoya. All Theology Students were present.

After breakfast, there was an important meeting with Father Henry OMONISAYE, CMF, advised by the General Government in the conference room of the said community.

Started at 9:10 and ended at 9:53, it was introduced and concluded by the prayers said by Father Rodolphe MBIDA, CMF, Superior of Theologate and knew the presence of Father Jude LANGEH, CMF, Major Superior of the Delegation of Cameroun, Father Frédéric KPOUMIE, CM, Secretary of the Delegation and all members of the community.

This interview had on the agenda two articulations namely:

Intervention of Father Henry OMONISAYE, CMF, Consultor of the General Government, and intervention of Father Jude LANGEH, CMF, Major Superior of the Delegation of Cameroun.

  1. Intervention of Father Henry OMONISAYE, CMF, Consultor of the General Government:

At first glance, he thanked the community for the welcome and articulated his remarks in three areas: encouragement, advice and some information. He encouraged the fraternal atmosphere and the competence of our formators. He then exhorted us to imitate Christ according to our charism, to give importance to the intellectual and human formation in order to meet the missionary challenges of our time, to put our talents at the service of community, of the congregation in general, to love our congregation, to cultivate the spirit of sacrifice, to pool the goods, to be open and available for the universal mission.

Moreover, he criticized hypocrisy in all its forms, clericalism in these terms “we are primarily missionaries and not priests first. The missionary vocation is not reduced to sacramentality (to the celebrations of the sacraments)”. In this perspective, the vocation of the missionary brother must not be ranked second.

Finally, he announced two new missions of the Congregation, the creation of the new Independent Delegation Angola-São Tomé (DIMA) and the need of the General Government of the confreres of the Cameroon Delegation for the universal mission.

  1. Intervention of Father Jude LANGEH, CMF, Major Superior of the Delegation of Cameroun

While thanking the community of Theologat and in a special way Father Henry OMONISAYE, cmf; In essence, he painted the content of the Third Ordinary Assembly of the Delegation of Cameroun, whose central theme was: Missionary in community.

After that, he asked us to be available for the universal mission and to trust the formators.

Thus ended our interview with the Father Consultor of the General Government Henry OMONISAYE, cmf, reciting Hail Mary.

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