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Walking in Solidarity and Mission

Oct 1, 2019 | The Claretian Mission

Jesus Christ spent among us doing good and fighting against evil. In all times, latitudes, and cultures we find people of good will who, like Him, were and continue to sow the most fundamental values, inspiring us with their testimony of life.

Claret, in his time as Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, met with the poorest every Monday of the year. He sought to know well, periodically visit and respond not only to the challenges of the Church, but also to the challenges and problems of society. That is why he promoted comprehensive education for boys and girls, instituted charity houses and social cooperatives, provided good attention to hospitals, facilitated the learning of trades for prisoners, established savings banks in each parish, opted for more efficient and just agriculture practices, he published teaching books and initiated positive recreational spaces to avoid idleness and vices, defended better conditions and rights for slaves, fought against illegitimate unions, helped the population to survive a tragic earthquake. Placed together “charity and justice,” “solidarity and mission.”

We are not surprised, then, that so many Claretians have followed him in his footsteps and practice the “definition of the missionary.” They are today ambassadors of the great love of God, multiplying (or at least distributing) “loaves and fishes” in the great metropolises as in the most distant or inhospitable corners of the world. They live and go out of favor in favor of the impoverished, displaced, orphans, widows, indigenous peoples in the mountains, and thousand others who need attention or work, education, or an opportunity. Listening to them, echoing their cries or defending them in various forums (local, regional, and international), collaborating, training and learning with others (academes, professionals, NGOs, associations, foundations), fighting against injustices and at the same time proposing alternatives while journeying and are transformed.

There are so many themes, “causes” of JPIC, problems, objectives of sustainable development! And the needs, calamities, unforeseen events also proliferate!

Immense requests for help reach our “General Mission Procure” and “Proclade Internacionale,” more than they can provide with the resources entrusted to them. It is understandable that they receive about a hundred projects per year since we live and do mission in the peripheries. Now the challenge is to be even more creative, increasing the solidarity network and calling each and every one (including the usual “recipients” of our solidarity) to contribute their “bread and fish” (be prayer, time, gifts, material resources or heritages).

The Claretian Mission Day (2nd Sunday of Easter Sunday), the mission week, the annual campaign (in community, with friends, at work, in school, parish or social networks) in favor of 1 project, the experience of voluntary work are some of the good practices and opportunities that we offer you and that can make a difference for those who need it most. Would you like to join us? On behalf of our Team, I thank you and ask God to bless your generosity.


Yours truly,

Artur Teixeira, CMF | General Prefect of Apostolate | www.somicmf.org/ | apostol@cmfgen.org

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