Weaving a Missionary Life within God’s Project for Humanity: Reflections on the Synodal Path

Apr 14, 2023 | Congregation, Mathew Vattamattam

The General Superior of the Claretian Missionaries, Fr. Mathew Vattammattam, CMF, released a circular letter dated March 25, 2023, titled “Our Missionary Journey on the Synodal Path”. The letter reflects on the Congregation’s missionary journey on the synodal path and their shared journey in the Church as people of God. The letter highlights the significance of the XXVI General Chapter in reinforcing the members’ commitment to sharing the hopes and joys, sorrows and trials of the people, especially those of the poor, and joining efforts with all who are striving to transform the world according to God’s plan.

The letter emphasizes that in a fragmented world, communion with God and fraternity among humans constitute the most credible proclamation of the Gospel of love. Rooted in Jesus Christ and in Claretian spirituality, one called to be a pilgrim Congregation joining with all others on the road to the heavenly Jerusalem.

Furthermore, it underlined the importance of the XXVI General Chapter Exhortation Querida Congregación (Beloved Congregation). It serves as a call to all members of the congregation to reflect on their collective responsibility in making God’s dream come true in their respective contexts.

The circular also discusses how the Claretians can weave their missionary life within God’s project for humanity. It suggests that they should consider these realities in their community evaluations and ensure that they make intelligent use of various forms of communication media for formation and mission. By forming more cyber missionaries and developing a Claretian vision for their media mission, they will be able to offer a qualified missionary service in the Digital Continent.

The letter concludes by stating that as a community, the Claretians must continue to work together collaboratively to realize concrete action steps towards implementing their action plan. The processes of implementation are ongoing, and it is through the shared efforts that they can transform themselves and society according to God’s plan. The circular letter serves as an important reminder for the members of the Congregation to remain committed to their mission as missionaries of Christ, rooted in Claretian spirituality, while also adapting to new realities such as digital media.

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