Workshop on “Transmission of faith”

Nov 29, 2009 | Apostolate

Poland. On November 13 to 15, a Claretian workshop, organized by the Prefecture of Apostolate of the Polish Province, took place in our House of Kudowa Zdroj. It was centred on the question: How to transmit the faith today, in the world where we live, in an efficacious manner, taking advantage of the means on our hands?
The brothers involved in different pastoral activities arrived from Poland, the Czeck Republic and Belorussia, an shared their experiences and reflections on the transmission of faith, the formation of evangelizers, efficacious responses to the growing secularization of society, to the crisis of the family, to the decreasing number of vocations, etc. In our reflections, a basic truth was heard: the transmission of faith is preceded by personal experience. From a life in spirit of faith, from daily living one’s faith, logically comes, as a consequence, the fidelity to vocation, to God’s will, to religious consecration, etc. As a culmination of all this, as an essential challenge, our personal and community credibility is made present to us, and this is the fundament of what is expected from us by the persons who observe us in general and who ask from us the testimony of our life.

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