XII Provincal Chapter Formally Ended

Feb 13, 2010 | Fr. Rhoel Gallardo

Philippines. The chapter members began the morning session with an evaluation of the XII Provincial chapter. Evaluation sheets were distributed and collected after few minutes.

Fr. Jonathan Bitoy, gave an overview of the pre-capitular chapter document. The body was given 15 minutes to read the document, comment and give some proposals for the final draft of the document.

The General Superior, proceeded to the final part of the chapter. The chapter document was approved. Fr. Desiderio Martin, attested to the veracity of the minutes. The General gave his final messages on different aspects. First, he reiterated to the body that this chapter has two aspects, namely memory and prophesy. The chapter has reviewed the province and has looked into the future with proper discernment of God’s will. He hopes that the Province will be more consolidate and adopt a 6 year term for longer planning.

Second, he talked about Mission. Missionaries must be filled with apostolic zeal for mission which comes from the experience of God’s love. Mission is an overflowing of that love expressed and underlined in dialogue and share mission. Moreover, missionaries should also be creative by looking and responding to the new challenges. Our congregation has to go beyond the ecclesiastical structure and dialogue with others who are not related to the Church. In addition, the Word of God or biblical animation should be present in all our apostolate. It should become the point of reference for our planning and evaluation. Furthermore, the province has to keep the memory of Fr. Rhoel Gallardo, CMF who died in Basilan. Claretian assigned there should feel that they are very much supported. Basilan mission characterizes our apostolate.

Third, he commented on spirituality. The Word of God, Eucharist and Eucharistic living should be integrated in our life. He encouraged the province to take the course of the Forge in Daily Life and spend qualitative time for prayer and community life.

Fourth, regarding formation, he is happy that we got plenty of candidates in the Philippines and Vietnam. He put forth the importance of preparing formators. He also reminded the body that formation is the responsibility of the whole province. That means credibility and consistency.

Fifth, on Economy, he recalled its two dimensions, namely the attitudes of austerity and transparency, and the process of creating structures for the economy. We must manage our community resources with fraternal control.

Sixth, regarding Vietnam, ICLA and Australia, he said that the province must feel that Vietnam is an integral part of the mission of the Philippine province. ICLA is giving a very important service to Asia. And Australia is enough for the time being but must look for some kind of vocation promotions for it be sustained.

Finally, he thanked the previous provincial government for keeping the province in its missionary task. A new commitment is put forth now to the new provincial superior. He reiterated that this new role of Fr. Dalmaowill bring changes to his life. He also thank the province for its warm welcome. He felt at home and free to talk. He felt like a brother among brothers.

The chapter formally ended with a vote to close the session. Then the body had a Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Desiderio Martin, and was assisted by Fr. Pedro Cleofe and Fr. Manuel Sunaz. The latter shared about his mission experience in Australia. Lunch was served after the mass. God bless us all.

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