XXVI General Chapter: The mission assets (August 21, 2021)

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Nemi. Italy. August 21, 2021. The first week of our XXVI General Chapter has gone according to plan. Today we began the day singing and knowing that we are the people of God who walk with hope and, although at times hesitant, with the faith that His grace is sufficient for us. We remembered St. Pius X who also looked at the people with the eyes of a father, allowing them to participate in the Eucharistic celebration and frequent communion. We also kept in our hearts and memories the humanitarian crisis that is ravaging various parts of the world.

As we go deeper into the analysis of the processes of transformation of our congregation, we are discovering more and more how vulnerable we are. This has always been the case. But this vulnerability strengthens us because it makes us more capable of reaching out to one another, both in accepting our need for others and in caring for one another. Thus, the morning was dedicated to major aspects of our second transformation process, “being a community of witnesses and messengers”, namely: animation and accompaniment; community life; responsibility, accountability, and transparency; governance and discernment processes; intercultural dimension and universal mission; protocols for the protection of minors and vulnerable adults and the coordination of the Claretian Family.

In the afternoon we would deal with a crucial theme in our style and option of life: economy. Certainly, we have been clear from the beginning that in our organization and economic management our reason for being in the Church, that is to say, the mission, must take precedence. Fr. Antonio Bellella, on behalf of the Finance Commission and the entire chapter assembly, thanked the hard work of the General Econome, Fr. Manuel Tamargo and his entire team.

We conclude the day and the week with the prayer prepared by our brothers of the province of Fatima, accompanied by Jesus, with prayer on our lips and in our hearts, tired from the exhausting journey, burdened with worries, but confident that His presence will not let our spirits or our tenacity shrink.


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