11 November

Nov 11, 2018 | Claret With You

Jesus Christ was taken down from the cross and he showed us how he likes to be un-nailed through a good confession, because the one who commits sin, nails him and the one who makes a good confession removes the nails”
Clock of Passion, in EE p. 200


In this text, Father Claret speaks about the first effect of the sacrament of reconciliation, namely, to un-nail Jesus from the cross. This takes us out from a life outside of him. The return of the prodigal son brought about a celebration (cf. Lk 15: 32), because the conversion of just one sinner makes God happy more than the faithfulness of ninety nine righteous (Lk 15, 7). The vocation of Levi is followed by a joyful banquette (Lk 5, 29). The presence of Jesus in the house of Zacchaeus, celebrated also with a banquette, changes his heart and now he proposes to rectify his sinful behaviour (Lk 19, 1-10). The renewal of the heart is what Jesus would expect from those who contemplate his miracles (Chorazin and Bethsaida…..[Mt 11: 20ff]), renewal that brings joy to the heart of God himself.
In the spirituality of Claret the pain of God because of the sin plays a relevant role, “the God offended” (Auto. 16) and the Son maltreated and crucified by the sinner (Auto. 17). The labour of Claret for the conversion of sinners (cf. Auto. 233) is also to ‘please’ the heart of God.
The sacrament of pardon restores God´s relationship with the person. The penitent accepts his sin, recognizes his disrespect for the love of God and is placed once again in the array of his tenderness. In this sacrament, the merciful generosity of the Father and the compassion of Jesus are celebrated. This experience leads to a new way of life, of commitment of love in a more natural way. If this is not achieved, a “ritual” would have been “fulfilled”, and thus, a personal “restoration” wouldn´t have been experienced. That´s why, it should be something very different from a mere presentation of a detailed list of sins; it means a firm step in a commitment to fight to fulfil the will of God in a personal as well as in a social and cosmic level.
Are we aware of the damage we inflict when going against the plan of God? How do you live the sacrament of reconciliation? Is it an experience of growth in your option for the gospel? Have you sometimes devaluated the routine?

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