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May 22, 2018 | Claret With You

‘My only goal and all my anxieties were about manufacturing. I can’t overstate it – my obsession approached delirium. Who can say? Perhaps the very intensity of my inclination was the means God used to take away my love for manufacturing.’
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You do not know the ways of God or the means by which his love, his call will reach you. You do not know the course of your life, in all its breadth, depth and truth, beforehand. It is, to use a simile, like a suspense thriller…only at the end is the suspense and complexity of the plot unveiled. So yes, God keeps being mysterious, as also is (and always will be) the loving relationship which he maintains and will maintain with you.
Even amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, the burdens, ideas, comings and goings, even the omissions and goodbyes, as well as your problems and difficulties, God will surely continue to lead your story by the paths that only He knows, and continues to prepare your heart so that one day, leaving your journey, you will dismount forever, be taken from the Earth and meet him, without masks or defences, face to face.
Something of this, you will remember, occurred to the pious and religious man of God, the zealous Jew who was faithful like few others, Saul of Tarsus, travelling from Jerusalem to Damascus. Don’t we usually say something like ‘God writes straight with crooked lines’? Sometimes, something which seems out of place, crooked…is the correct path, that is to say, direct and right, that God uses to reach you and to lead you more and more to encounter him. We believe in a God beyond our imagination, beyond what eye can see and ear can hear. A surprising God who surprises us all the time. Only in the measure in which time passes do we gradually discover the mysterious course of life, clearing up questions, dispelling doubts, melting ghosts away.
In Ignatian language we ask ourselves: ‘Wouldn’t it be good to gradually become indifferent to all created things, in such a way that we would not want health more than illness, riches more than poverty, honour more than dishonour, a long life rather than a short one, desiring and choosing only that which would best lead us to the end for which we have been created? Is it not the case you long for and are burdened by so many things, some of which you believe and say are very important, and are losing sight of the essential?

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