3rd Claretian Educational Exchange Program

Nov 16, 2019 | Apostolate, East Nigeria, Education Ministry, Santiago, West Nigeria

Owerri, Nigeria. On November 2 to 10, 2019, the 3rd Educational Exchange Program took place with the trip of a group of 9 participants – Claretians and Directors of the Schools of the Province of Santiago – to Nigeria. They visited schools and educational institutions of both East Nigeria Province and West Nigeria Independent Delegation.

Over the past academic year, 2018-2019, in the months of November and February, two groups of Claretians from several African countries, mostly educational heads of Nigeria, visited several of the schools in the Province of Santiago, near Madrid.

They also visited other educational institutions such as the Association of Catholic Schools of Spain and the Institute of Religious Life where they were able to greet Aquilino Cardinal Bocos.

In this 3rd Educational Exchange Program, for several days, they visited Kabba schools in the state of Kogi and Ewowa in Lagos, both of the Delegation of West Nigeria. In the Province of East Nigeria, they visited the Amurri and Garriki schools in the state of Enugu, the schools of Owerri and Nekede in the state of Imo, as well as the Claretian Institute of Philosophy (CIP). In all visits the welcome and care have been magnificent.

Through several work meetings and exchange with the Claretians of the Nigerian schools, it has been possible to know first hand the educational endeavors of the Claretians in Nigeria: the educational system of the country, the educational plans of our centers and future challenges.

The workshops between teachers and school heads, sharing the process and educational reflection among Nigerian and Spanish teachers had good results and interesting.

The evaluation of this exchange has been very satisfactory for all parties. They look for ways of cooperation and continuity of this experience with the hope that they will crystallize in future projects of exchange of good practices and mutual help.


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