5 April

Apr 5, 2018 | Claret With You

We should love the most holy Virgin Mary because it is what God wants… To love is to want the best for the one loved, to do right for them, to make them share in your possessions. Well then, God himself gives us the example and invites us to love Mary. The eternal Father chose her as his most beloved daughter. The son took her as mother and the Holy Spirit took her as spouse. The Holy Trinity crowned her the queen and empress of heaven and earth and made her the dispenser of all graces.
Carta a un devoto del Corazon de Maria, en EC II, pg. 1498 “Letter to a devotee of the Heart of Mary”


Holiness consists in discerning God’s will in my life and fulfilling it. Jesus is the first in line: “Here I am to do your will!”, and all the saints without exception, firm and willing. Claret felt like he was in a cage in Madrid, but he endured it because he knew it was God’s divine will. The first question I have to ask myself is – do I pray and seek to know what God wants of me – with the certainty of thus, finding fulfilment. Paraphrasing the poet A. Machado: “Walker/ there is already a way”.
Sometimes the way forward is not seen, but if you want to follow the will of the Father with enthusiasm, write a blank check and tell him: “Here is the son of your Servant, like her I tell you with all my soul: Let it be done unto me according to your Word!”
The second point in the text under examination is – “I surrender”. The most Holy Trinity showed his love for the young Nazarene filling her with Grace, privileges and virtues… But what can I do to demonstrate my love for him?
I remember a text of Friar Luis de Leon where he describes the baby in the arms of his mother caressing her face. According to the poet, the joy caused by the caress is so great that the baby not only pays it all back to the mother, but makes her a debtor. That is what Mary wants – that we show we fully trust in her love and example. This is the tenderness she seeks as when she obliged the simple Juan Diego in Tepeyac when, as he was anxious to arrive on time to attend to his sick uncle, he made a detour in order not to meet with the beautiful Lady. But she goes to meet him: do not go round the mountain. Do you not know that I am your Mother?
I’ll conclude this reflection with a plea: “Come, my Mother to meet me when I want to go around the mountain. Do not let me escape from you sight and love and make me caress your face with childlike tenderness. That is as much I can do in my lowliness.

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