5 Claret Schools Among the Top 100 Best Schools in Spain

Mar 11, 2019 | Education Ministry, Euskal Herria, Fatima, Santiago

Las Palmas, Spain. According to the 20th Edition of the 100 Best Schools in Spain published by one of the leading newspapers in the said country, El Mundo, five of our Claret Schools are among the top 100 best schools in Spain. It is a result of a detailed analysis of more than a thousand schools in Spain following some twenty-seven criteria divided into three major categories – teaching model, educative offer, material resources. The first of them is Claret School of Las Palmas ranking 25th. Then followed by Claret School of Don Benito at the 58th spot; Claret School of Sevilla on the 87th; followed by Claret School of Madrid on the 88th spot; and the last but not the least, Claret School of Askartza at 96th place.

Congratulations and more power to the administrators, faculty and staff, and students of the said schools.


Link to the list: https://www.elmundo.es/mejores-colegios.html

Link to the Schools:

Claret School of Las Palmas https://www.claretlaspalmas.es

Claret School of Don Benito https://www.claretdonbenito.com

Claret School of Sevilla https://claretsevilla.org

Claret School of Madrid http://www.claretmadrid.es

Claret School of Askartza https://www.askartzaclaret.org

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