A Faith that wants to be Thought: A Journal of Mariology

Feb 22, 2023 | Santiago, ECLA

For over 70 years, the Claretian Missionaries of the Province of Santiago have been publishing Ephemerides Mariologicae, a scientific journal focused on the figure of Mary, mother of Jesus. The magazine, edited by Prof. Pablo Largo Domínguez CMF, has gained recognition for its rigorous and multidisciplinary approach to the study of Mary, attracting authors and readers from diverse Christian traditions and academic backgrounds.

The magazine’s three issues of 2022 offered an insightful exploration of Mary’s relationship with St. Joseph, her role in the Church, and the significance of her faith for Christians in Africa. The articles, written by theologians, historians, liturgists, and artists, offered fresh perspectives on Mary, shedding light on her biblical, historical, and cultural dimensions.

One of the distinctive features of the magazine is its inclusiveness. It is remarkable to see the range of authors who contribute to the journal from different regions of the world, academic disciplines, and Christian denominations. In 2022, readers were able to approach some aspects of the reflection on Mary by authors such as Odo Casel and Hugo Rahner, to delve into an Islamic approach to Mary, to review her presence as a praying figure in some artistic manifestations, to know what role Pope Benedict XVI assigned to the Virgin in his multi-volume work on Jesus of Nazareth. The articles are written in Spanish, but the abstracts are available in English and French, making them accessible to a broader audience.

In 2022, the magazine featured articles by female scholars, highlighting the contributions of women to Mariology. The presence of female authors in the journal is significant, as it challenges the patriarchal assumptions that have often dominated the theological discourse. The magazine is not only a source of academic knowledge but also a space for dialogue and encounters. It offers reviews of recent publications, reports on conferences, and symposiums, creating opportunities for readers to engage with current debates in Mariology.

Ephemerides Mariologicae is a testament to the enduring interest in Mary, her life, and her significance for Christians worldwide. The journal provides a space for reflection, exploration, and dialogue, fostering a deeper understanding of Mary’s role in the Christian faith.

The magazine is based in the Claretian community of Buen Suceso in Madrid and is offered annually at very modest prices: 35 euros for subscribers in Spain and Portugal and 57 euros for subscribers in other countries. For more information or to subscribe please contact: ephemerides2019@gmail.com

Article Credit: Fr. Pedro Belderrain cmf

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