A Week of Meetings at the General Curia

Jun 15, 2018 | Bética, Catalunya, Deutschland, ECLA, Economy, Euskal Herria, Formation, France, Italia, Polska, Portugal, Santiago, UK - Ireland

Rome, Italy. Four meetings took place at the General Curia in Rome this past two weeks, June 4 to 15, 2018. The first group, who held a two-week planning, are the members of the Drafting Committee for the second volume of the new General Plan of Formation that is being prepared by the General Prefecture of Formation. The second group are the members of the General Economic Council who held their meeting from June 11 to 15. The third group are the Major Superiors of ECLA who discussed on the realities of the member Organisms in Europe from June 13 to 14. And finally, the Major Superiors of Iberia took advantage of the time and discussed their own concerns in the Iberian peninsula.


2018 06 13 10.47.04

Members Of The Gpf Drafting Committee – 2Nd Volume


2018 06 13 16.06.35

Members Of The General Economic Council


2018 06 13 17.33.52

Meeting Of The Major Superiors Of Ecla


2018 06 13 17.33.34

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