“I managed to learn many things, I made friends and I found another different space where I felt, and I feel very comfortable and accompanied ” – Carola D

“I learned to value the effort and dedication, all the responsibility that comes in order to learn which was not always easy.” – Nicolas C

The workshop is a space where you learn by doing, you build and transform a learning or practical knowledge to use in everyday life. Because the activities revolve around the realization of common tasks that need group work. It is a place of co-learning, where all participants build knowledge and values; they develop skills and attitudes based on their own experiences, in which coherence is looked for between doing, feeling, and thinking as well as experiencing horizontality and working in pairs. Because it helps in recognizing one’s own abilities and that of the other, in addition to recognition and respect for diversity.

Addiction Prevention Project, Training and Support of Colegio Padre Claret of Rosario (Argentina)

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