Advancing towards the Spirituality Congress

Jan 2, 2024 | Spirituality and Community Life

Vic, Spain. The Commission for the Preparation of the Spirituality Congress came together from December 15th to December 20th, 2023, at the Retreat House “Padre Claret” in Vic. The Congress is set to take place from July 7th to July 15th, 2024, in Vic, to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation. The commission comprises esteemed members, including Fr. Carlos Sánchez Miranda, CMF the Prefect General of Spirituality and Community Life, Frs. Juan Carlos Martos, Gonzalo Fernández, Anthony Igbokwe, Efren Limpo, and Edgardo Guzmán, CMFF.

Spirituality Congress Committee 2

During the meeting, the commission focused on synthesizing the responses from the spiritual conversations held in the local communities and summarized by the higher bodies. They produced a document titled “40 Suggestions to Prepare for the Spirituality Congress,” which will be presented to the conference speakers so that their contributions can be grounded in the dialogues in the communities. The commission also took the time to inspect the various facilities where the Congress will take place and reviewed the progress of the preparation program.

Spirituality Congress Committee 3

The meeting was a great success, and the commission expressed gratitude to the entire Congregation for their enthusiastic involvement in the journey towards the Spirituality Congress. A special moment during the meeting was an online interaction with the majority of the individuals in charge of animating spirituality in the Major Organisms of the Congregation, during which the commission shared the program of the Congress. It ended with satisfaction and achievement for the hard work accomplished over those days.

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