Annual meeting of the Spiritual Animation Teams of the Congregation

The Spiritual Animation Teams of the Congregation had its annual meeting at the end of the year to revise, and project activities offered to the Congregation.

Digitalization of “Misioneros Claretianos, I, II and III”.

In the framework of the preparations for the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation, the Centre of Claretian Spirituality (CESC) has carried out the digitalization of the historical narrative contained in the three volumes of our...

CESC and Forge at the Service of the Spiritual Animation of the Congregation

From 26 December to 29 December 2022, the group of Claretians from the team of CESC met in the formation house at Colmenar Viejo in Spain. There were nine participants, and it was presided over by the General Prefect of Spirituality and Community Life, Fr. Carlos E....

Marian Writings of St. Anthony Mary Claret now available in Portuguese

Saint Anthony Mary Claret, Escritos Marianos, Portuguese version translated by Fr. Américo Paulo dos Santos Freitas Maia, CMF, Editorial Claret, Barcelona, ​​March 2022, 513 pp.