ASCLA West Major Superiors and Council Members Conclude Fruitful Meeting in Bangalore.

Jun 29, 2023 | ASCLA West

Bangalore, India. The ASCLA West Major Superiors and Council Members convened for a three-day meeting from June 25 to June 27, 2023, at Claret Nivas in Bangalore, India. The gathering, attended by representatives from the six Major Organisms of ASCLA West, focused on key aspects crucial to the organization’s future endeavours.

With a total of 33 participants, the meeting provided an opportunity for Major Superiors and council members to collaborate, exchange ideas, and address important matters. Under the theme of advancing the growth and development of ASCLA West, the discussions revolved around various central topics.

The meeting began by finalizing the long-term preparations for Perpetual Profession, a significant milestone in the journey of ASCLA West members. Through insightful conversations and shared experiences, Major Superiors and council members provided guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition for individuals pursuing Perpetual Profession.

Challenges and concerns related to Formation, a critical aspect of ASCLA West’s activities, were also extensively discussed. The participants engaged in an open dialogue, sharing their insights and proposing strategies to address the identified issues. By collaboratively analyzing the challenges, the meeting aimed to enhance the formation process and ensure a comprehensive approach to the growth of ASCLA West members.

One of the primary objectives was to study, discuss, and finalize the ASCLA West Plan of Formation. This comprehensive document would serve as a roadmap, outlining the conference’s vision and goals for the coming years. By collectively shaping this plan.

The meeting further emphasized the importance of collaboration among the Prefectures, which included sharing dreams, designs, and commitments tailored to the ASCLA West level. Participants had the opportunity to share best practices, learn from each other’s experiences, and forge stronger connections. This exchange of knowledge and insights aimed to foster a supportive network among the major organisms of ASCLA West.

As the meeting drew to a close, the major superiors and council members finalized the ASCLA West Common Programs. These programs, developed through careful deliberation and consensus, will serve as a platform for promoting unity and synergy within the organization. By aligning their efforts and resources, ASCLA West can maximize its impact and achieve its common goals more effectively.

Source: Fr. Ponson Toppo, Secretary, Kolkata Independent Delegation.

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