Assembly of the Claretians of France II

Feb 18, 2010 | Community Life, Congregation, Santiago

France. We begin the day with the Morning Prayer, prepared by the community of Narbonne. The work of the day was divided in two stages. The morning was held in three parts: Information about the workshops of yesterday afternoon.
Answers to these questions that were stated:
1) What points could be improved?
2) What are the positive points of these reports?

After the presentation by the secretaries of both groups, Raymond and Pierre Zanga, Fr. Gildard expounded the summary of the proposals of the communities. This report presents the concerns for the life of the Delegation, of the communities and of the persons; the spiritual life: the need to make the Spiritual Exercises; community life; the care of the chapels of the communities. Other concerns also refer to the community of Perpignan, the problem of the catechesis rooms for children and adolescents; the sensation that there are too many priests in the new community of parishes; in Narbonne, the same sensation of too many priests and that the diocesan pastoral plan does not any longer reflect the Claretian charism in Patte d’Oie, the rectory is not in a good condition and the lack of space for nursery services and acceptance of groups in Route de Seysses. Can we make a project in consonance with our presence in France? Special attention should be given to the new pastoral initiatives. The exact nature of the lay Claretians in France should also be specified.

We must continue working with excitement for vocations in France. For our Claretian project, it is important that the young priests be formed for future responsibilities. The problem is also posed of the juridical recognition of the Congregation in France.

Finally, Fr. Pierre presented the work of the commission in charge of examining the project in Route Seysses. It seemed that three aspects could be explored: the building of a Curia, a pastoral centre and a centre of acceptance of students, considering the proximity of the university.

In the afternoon we made an idea-sharing session around two questions:
1) – In the light of the definition of the Claretian missionary, and keeping in mind the summaries of the communities, what is deemed more important for our community and apostolic life?
2) – In order to live out our charism, which are the challenges of society, of the Church in France and of the Congregation that we should live in a time of revival of the Delegation? After that, the secretaries of each group presented a summary of their work related to both questions. Finally the assembly went on to deal with the proposals contained in the synthesis of the communities.

This evening we celebrated the Eucharist presided over by Fr. Raymond and animated by the community of Narbonne.

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