Claret Academy Secondary School Owerri Celebrates Culture and Art Exhibition Day

Jul 30, 2018 | East Nigeria, Education Ministry

Owerri, Nigeria. If culture is the way of life and art an expression of life, then, the cultural ambience and artistic display on June 29, 2018 at the Claret Academy Owerri gave plenty of intellectual and interesting insights into the minds and lives of parents, teachers, and students. The exhibition was titled “Gifted Hands.”

Since culture is part of the school’s curriculum the presentation of kola nuts was done in a unique way by the ever vibrant and flexible “Claret Academy Dance Group” as they rhythmically in their dancing steps presented the kola nuts to the guests at the event. So many exciting events made the day lively but a tour in the art gallery was amazing, the principal, Fr. Anselm Amandikwa, CMF led the Provincial Superior, Fr Simeon Okezuo Nwobi, CMF, the parents and the invited guests and other represented schools to the art gallery.

The “Art Gallery” welcomed its guests with scores of bright and colorful paintings of all shapes and sizes. From piercing portraits with mosaic, to enticing abstract drawings; it was an unforgettable feast for the young minds. Guests, parents, teachers, and students surveyed the entire exhibition with awe and wonder. It was amazing to see such fine works of art that were created by the students, most of them still in their mid- teens!

Competition among students and invited schools in art exhibition, cultural display and oral presentations gave another height to the celebration of the day as students came out in parade to highlight their talents and handiworks, guest artists were invited to judge the art works and selected students were awarded. The parents/ guardians were not left out in the fun as the best culturally dressed parent/ guardian was also awarded.

The curtain was drawn with appreciation to the school management and staff from the guests, parents, and the students as well and the closing prayer was led Rev. Fr. Anselm Amandikwa, CMF.



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