Claretian Conversation on Youth and Future Generations

May 15, 2024 | UN Presence

New York. The Claretian Team at the United Nations organized an online, “Claretian Conversation on Youth and Future Generations” On May 3, 2024, as part of the Claretian Conversation Series. This timely dialogue aimed to contribute youth perspectives to the Summit of the Future (SOTF) 2024, which will takes place at the United Nations on 22-23 September 2024.

The panel included 11 young individuals, including Claretian brothers and a sister deeply engaged in youth ministry, and a diverse group of young people from various missions of the globe. The conversation, moderated by Fr. Luis Enrique Ortiz CMF, the Coordinator of the World Commission of Claret Way, focused on the policy briefs on “Future Generations” and “Youth Engagement,” the Zero Drafts of the “Pact for the Future”, and the “Declaration on Future Generations”, and Pope Francis’s World Youth Day Message 2023. The conversation had three rounds and each one of them shared their own views in the perspective of their context and the region. The panel included a wide range of voices from across the globe, with representatives from different Claretian organisms.

Meaningful Youth Engagement in Decision-Making

The first round of the conversation centred on the most pertinent, urgent, and feasible ways for meaningful youth engagement and participation in decision-making processes. Key recommendations:

  1. Foster inclusive representation and co-leadership through youth councils, gender equality, and diverse empowerment.
  2. Enable youth-led initiatives and innovation via accessible platforms and technology.
  3. Enhance advocacy and leadership capacity through mentorship, skill training, and civic education.

Commitments to Future Generations: Areas for Improvement

In the second round, the discussion shifted to the responsibilities of present generations towards future ones, as outlined in the Zero Draft of the “Declaration on Future Generations”. Panellists analysed the commitments made by world leaders and identified areas for improvement, highlighting aspects still lacking and suggesting where greater emphasis should be placed. Key areas:

  1. Strong accountability mechanisms with clear goals and legal alignment for commitment implementation.
  2. Inclusive participation across ages, regions, with proper financial planning for youth initiatives.
  3. Prioritize environmental justice through urgent climate action, biodiversity preservation, cultural diversity, and indigenous rights protection.

Claretian Family’s Youth Ministry: Addressing Challenges of Future Generations

The third round delved into the role of the Claretian Family’s youth ministry in addressing the challenges faced by current and future generations, considering the globalised yet dehumanising nature of the world. Panellists explored elements the Claretian ministry should incorporate to effectively respond to the challenges the generation yet to be born would face and contribute to constructing a new world that considers the needs and aspirations of future generations. Key recommendations:

  1. Provide holistic youth training blending theory and experience for skill development, resilience, and ethical values.
  2. Establish inclusive spaces fostering trust, active listening, and youth decision-making in local and broader community empowerment.
  3. Promote environmental consciousness through sustainable living, responsible technology use, and inspiring visions for a better future.
  4. Strengthen intergenerational dialogue for common well-being.

The following panellist featured a diverse array of voices from across the globe:

  • Rajesh Augustine CMF (South Korea: Independent Delegation of Korea)
  • Irene Meriyam Jos (India: St. Thomas Province)
  • Annettee Hon (Hong Kong: East Asia Independent Delegation)
  • Kennedy Jorge de Figueiredo (Angola: Mãe De Africa Independent Delegation)
  • Mary Nangobi (Kenya: Charles Lwanga Independent Delegation)
  • Moise Moumassou CMF (Cameroon: Independent Delegation of Cameroon)
  • Yuliana Bunga Sogen RMI (Spain: RMI – Europe)
  • Patricia Martino (Spain: Santiago Province)
  • Flor Daniela Sandoval Cotrina (Peru: Peru-Bolivia Province)
  • Edgar Guzman (USA: USA-Canada Province)
  • Jonathan Ospina – Claretian Novice (Colombia/Argentina: Colombia-Ecuador Province)

Source: Source: Fr. Rohan Dominic, CMF, CMF at UN Team.

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