Claretian Discerning Leadership Workshop for Africa Concludes

Mar 15, 2023 | Discerning Leadership Workshop

Yaoundé, Cameroon. The second Claretian Discerning Leadership Workshop ended on 14 March 2023, after two intense weeks of learning and collaboration at Casa Claret Curia of the Independent Delegation of Cameroun. Claretian Missionaries from various Major Organisms of the Congregation in Africa attended the workshop that is aimed at renewing the Congregation by fostering a new type of leadership that encourages all members to feel co-responsible for the life of the Congregation.

The participants spent their time knowing and learning from the Mother Congregation and acquiring the necessary tools to respond to the call that the Lord has made to each of them as they exercise their responsibilities within their respective Major Organisms. The workshop was designed to help appointed or elected leaders develop solid foundations to exercise their duties effectively and promote a discernment culture at all Congregation levels.

The workshop also provided an opportunity to discover the richness of the charism of the Congregation, as it is lived in Africa in its diversity through its different Major Organisms. Participants were able to share their experiences and make new resolutions, ultimately learning to implement a discernment culture within the Congregation. The participants have also drafted a letter to all brothers of ASCLA, which can be accessed here, English, Español, Français, Português.

The workshop was highly practical, providing the necessary skills to promote a discernment culture within the Congregation and prepare participants to help their Claretian brothers take up their responsibilities to exercise their leadership with Christ as their source and the Virgin Mary as their model. It is hoped that the workshop will set the stage for renewed awareness of the ACLA Conference.

Upcoming workshops are scheduled for ECLA in Vic, Spain from May 1-14, and for MICLA in Medellín, Colombia from July 3-16, 2023.

Source: Fr. Moise Moumassou, CMF, Secretary of ACLA (African Claretians)

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