“Claretian Discerning Leadership Workshop Kicks Off in Karukutty”

Feb 2, 2023 | Congregation

Karukutty, India: On February 1st, 2023, the 14-day workshop on Claretian Discerning Leadership for ASCLA (Asian Claretians) officially began at the Claretian Provincial House in Karukutty, India. The workshop was initiated in response to the XXVI General Chapter and the dream of the Congregation proposed by the XXVI General Chapter, which calls for a culture of discernment among Claretian leaders. (Action Plan 32)

The workshop aims to promote a culture of discernment, foster personal and professional growth, and exercise “discerning leadership” within the framework of the Church and the Congregation. The workshop is open to a maximum of 30 Claretians from various continents who have leadership roles and can effectively assist in the formation of others in the Congregation.

The workshop format includes two workshops in Spanish for America and Europe and two in English for Africa and Asia, to be held throughout 2023. During the 14 days, the Claretians will explore the essence of Claretian leadership and how it can be applied in their daily lives and in the Congregation.

The Claretian Discerning Leadership Workshop is an opportunity for Claretians to deepen their understanding of leadership and to grow as individuals and leaders within the Congregation. It is a step towards fulfilling the dream of the XXVI General Chapter and a step towards a brighter future for the Claretian mission.

In conclusion, the Claretian Discerning Leadership Workshop is an important event aimed at making our communities living spaces: home, family and place of discernment “a beehive” (cf. Aut 608). Where the Leadership paradigm of Jesus will thrive.



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