Online Participation in the Spirituality Congress and the Closing of the Jubilee Year

Jun 7, 2024 | Anniversaries, Claretian Spirituality Congress, Congregation

Rome, Italy. Today, June 7, 2024, just one month before the beginning of the Claretian Spirituality Congress, we are providing you with guidelines for your online participation in the congregational events that will take place in Vic. The Spirituality Congress will be held from July 7 to 15, followed by the Vigil and the Eucharist on July 16 to commemorate the 175 years of the foundation of the Claretian Congregation.

We hope that the Congress of Spirituality will not only be an experience for the 77 people who will be in Vic but that it can also be lived and experienced by the entire Congregation and the Claretian Family, just as with the Closing Celebrations of our Jubilee Year. It is an intense experience of the Spirit for all of us; therefore, we invite you to be actively involved through prayer and online participation. We encourage you to organize and view the live broadcast or videos in the community or personally. We especially ask you to take this opportunity in our formation centers. The Communication Team of the General Government has prepared a plan for live broadcasts and recordings to be posted on the official social media platforms so you can access them anytime. In the following, we will outline this plan, providing a clear and thorough explanation.

Live Broadcast of the Claretian Spirituality Congress

The main events will be broadcast daily in Spanish, English, and French.

  • During the Spirituality Congress: the daily prayer and Eucharist, morning conferences, plenary sessions, various moments of meditation during the first two days of retreat, addresses of Father General and Cardinal Aquilino Bocos, and two special evening events: oration concert and contemplative dance.
  • During the Closing of the Jubilee Year: the Prayer Vigil and the celebration of the Eucharist.

Available Videos

In addition to live streaming, these events will be recorded and made available on the main YouTube channel “iClaret” for viewing at any time.

Main Transmission Channel

On the main iClaret Channel on YouTube, you can watch live events in their original language. Afterward, you’ll find organized “Playlists” in various categories, such as prayer moments, Eucharists, and conferences. The content is available in Spanish, English, and French.



Continues Live Broadcast

iClaret, in coordination with the Communication Teams of various Provinces and Delegations of the Congregation, will broadcast a continuous program from 8 am to 9 pm. The program will include events that have already been mentioned and other programs in different languages.

The Claretian Communications Foundation Inc. (CCFI) of the Province of Fr. Rhoel Gallardo and the Delegation of St. Charles Lwanga’s communication team will manage the transmission in English. The communication teams of the Provinces of Mexico, Colombia-Venezuela, and Colombia Oriental-Ecuador will handle the transmission in Spanish. In French, the communication team of the Cameroun Independent Delegation will be responsible for the transmission.

Live Broadcast Channels in Different Languages

In English:



In Spanish:



In French:



Dedicated Page on the Congress

The dedicated section on this congregational website provides information about all the channels and the daily calendar of events for the Claretian Spirituality Congress. The direct link is: 

Scheduled Recorded Events

08 jul 09:00Opening Mass/Welcome Ceremonies/Beginning of Retreat08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
11:30First Retreat Exercise10:3014:3017:3004:3003:30
16:30Second Retreat Exercise15:3017:3022:3009:3008:30
19:30Evening Prayer18:3022:3009 jul 01:3012:3011:30
09 jul 09:00Morning Prayer08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
09:30Retreat Day 2: “Claret, mystic of the mission” 1st Meditation08:3012:3015:3002:3001:30
10:30Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament09:3013:3016:3003:3002:30
13:00Marian Prayer12:0016:0019:0006:0005:00
16:302nd Meditation15:3017:3022:3009:3008:30
19:30Holy Eucharist18:3022:3009 jul 01:3012:3011:30
21:30Orational Concert with Maite López20:3010 jul 00:3010 jul 03:3014:3013:30
10 jul 09:00Morning Prayer08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
09:30Conference 1: “175 years of missionary spirituality” by Fr. Carlos Sánchez Miranda, CMF08:3012:3015:3002:3001:30
11:00Address of Father General10:0014:0017:0004:0003:00
19:30Holy Eucharist18:3022:3011 jul 01:3012:3011:30
11 jul 09:00Morning Prayer08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
09:30Conference 2: “What is taking out our vitality?” by Fr. Paulson Veliyannor, CMF and Sr. Jolanta Kafka, RMI08:3012:3015:3002:3001:30
19:30Holy Eucharist18:3022:3012 jul 01:3012:3011:30
12 jul 09:00Morning Prayer08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
09:30Conference 3: “What is nourishing us?” by Fr. Anthony Igbokwe, CMF08:3012:3015:3002:3001:30
19:30Holy Eucharist18:3022:3013 jul 01:3012:3011:30
21:30Contemplative Dance20:3013 jul 00:3013 jul 03:3014:3013:30
13 jul 09:00Morning Prayer08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
09:30Address by Cardinal Aquilino Bocos Merino, CMF08:3012:3015:3002:3001:30
10:15Conference 4: “New calls, perspectives and fears” by Sr. Liliana Franco, ODN09:1513: 1516: 1503: 1502: 15
19:30Holy Eucharist18:3022:3014 jul 01:3012:3011:30
14 jul 10:00Tour in Sallent 109:0013:0016:0003:0002:00
11:00Sunday Mass in the Church of Santa Maria10:0014:0017:0004:0003:00
12:00Tour in Sallent 211:0015:0018:0005:0004:00
18:00Visit to the Virgin in the Camerín17:0021:0000:0011:0010:00
18:45Vespers in Montserrat Abbey17:4521:4515 jul 00:4511:4510:45
15 jul 09:00Holy Eucharist08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
09:30Conference 5: “How to be missionary mystics, today?” by Fr. José Cristo Rey García, CMF and Fr. Gonzalo Fernández, CMF08:3012:3015:3002:3001:30
18:30Vigil17:3021:3016 jul 00:3011:3010:30
16 jul 09:00Morning Prayer08:0012:0015:0002:0001:00
16 jul 11:00Closing Mass – 175th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation presided by Cardinal Aquilino Bocos Merino, CMF10:0014:0017:0004:0003:00

Informative Preparation Videos

In the last two months, we have sent informative videos about the Spirituality Congress to the Heads of Spirituality, Secretaries, and Communication Officers of the different Major Organisms. The goal is to encourage all Congregation members to actively participate in the Congress. If you haven’t seen the videos yet, you can access them from the following Playlist:

Everything is ready for us to participate actively in these grace-filled events for our Congregation. We’re counting on your enthusiastic participation. United in the Heart of our Mother.

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