The Institute was founded in Mexico City on 19 March 1921, by two persons. On one hand, Ms. Carmen Serrano y Rugama, a very humble woman, endowed with a profound love of God and of the Heart of Mary, who had received the inspiration in 1913. On the other, by Fr. Julian Collell y Guix, a daring and tenacious man, exemplary priest, member of the Congregation of Missionaries, Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Both were tireless catechists, very zealous for the glory of God.

The Mission of the Congregation is to spread the Gospel Message, with great burning zeal, to all those in need of it, especially to the lowliest: the peasants, natives, imprisoned, disabled persons. Among them, priority is given to women, youth and children, through catechesis, education and social communication media.

The spirituality of the Congregation is rooted on the spirituality of St. Anthony M. Claret, as lived and perceived by its founders. The spirituality of the members is characterized by a profound intimacy with the Heart of Mary, in order to learn from her how to live in intimacy with the Lord. Thus they should follow Christ the Missionary, who offers himself to the Father as a living host, and delivers himself to Him as a victim for the redemption of people.